Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Faraway Hiding Place

place in one of my visions.

I have me one of those secrete places I have told but only but a few people. A where no one can bother me, and no one knows where it is. This is a special place that resides right inside my very own mind, like it is a way far away place, (Possibly Alpha Centory) in mind travel, it is but the wink of an eye.

This land is lush with emerald green forests and grassy plains, dappled with a multitude of brightly colored blossoms swaying and  rippling with the light summer breeze. I can feel the breez on my cheeks, as I look to the horizon at the distant purple mountains. Above the mountains I see a milky blue sky and up above the sky is dark enough that I can see some stars. Stars in mid day? Can you imagine that? There! To the west, I see two moon sized orbs one bigger then the other. One the color of mauve, the other sandy brown.

And, ah, my goodness, how amazingly pretty is the bright blue sun-sparkly stream that snakes its way lazily across the plains and empties into the large turquoise lake just over yonder. I can not see the lake yet, but I know it's there, you see, I been here many times before and I find it just as breath taking now as I did every time I have been here previously. I can hear the euphonious song birds as a background symphony of other wildlife sounds coming from the nearby emerald green forest.

A light breeze arises, ruffling my long hair as I walk down a grassy slope towards my left, and again I stop suddenly with baited breath, this was the place where I had discovered the turquoise lake the first time I was here. I resumed walking for a short distance along the sandy edge of the river where I can this time see all of its grand beauty!

I stop again, putting one hand over my heart which was racing in anticipation. I raised my other hand to cover my mouth, then I drop slowly to my knees in awe at this grand beauty. I see tiny wavelets stirred by the soft southerly breeze on the turquoise lake's surface, which suddenly appears to to be covered with little sparkles created by the light breez on it's surface, like magical fairy dust I thought.

As I lie on the soft, tall grass at the edge of the white sandy beach, the sighing of the pine needles in the majestic old pines above me and I begin to drift into a dazed sleep in the warm sun, I was brought to full wakefulness when heard a rustling sound and saw a sudden movement out of the corner of my eye.

"Oh goodness!," I spoke softly to myself as I sat up suddenly and looked towards that la stone out yonder. The movement that had caught my attention had been in the area of this stone I was quite certain. I continued watching the rock when I saw this really precious little critter, a white furry little thing frantically scrambling to get under the rock. Another critter, a big one, with long purple and blue fur and had a snout similar in shape to that of an ant eater. This large beast was apparently giving chase to the little one, it stopped at the stone, moved back and forth sniffing a few times, then just sauntered away in to the woods, giving up the chase I thought. I waited a few minutes after the big one  had disappeared into the woods. I then walked over to the stone and looked under it.

Yes, the little critter was still there. I knew it was the same one that had come to visit me on my previous occasions before when I came here to this world. Its little emerald colored eyes sparkling in the sunlight blinked on and off in the dark under the rock. I extended my arms out towards the little guy. He just ran out from under that old rock and jumped into my arms feeling secure it proceeded to curl up in my arms, mewling in comfort.. He still resides with me to this day, but then I tell people about him I tell them he is one of many pets that I visit I just don't say where letting them fill in the blanks.


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